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[Review] The Kids Are All Right (Cholodenko, 2010)

I can hear a Showtime executive saying, “Did you see this The Kids Are All Right thing? The material just isn’t there. They might be able to make a movie of it.”

Voila. That seems to be the case.

The material is progressive. It is presented, as I am told, honestly. And to be frank, that is the most terrifying thing about the film. If this is truly how “progressive” (of any type) families act, I have never been more proud to have been raised in a middle-class rural Catholic family. If we manage to wade out of the abysmal sludge that is the script, we get a set of characters who are presumptuous blowhards, apparently holding the secrets of the universe in their Whole Foods tote. The Kids Are All Right is a universe of pretense, judgment, and just plain anger. How people are construing this as a positive message is unimaginable to me. The false positivity that marks the ending is crafted from guilt. In fact, I resent little more than the suggestion that homosexual individuals can be somehow held less responsible for heterosexual cheating, which Kids makes.

Thankfully, Annette Benning properly utilizes her formidable gift for meltdowns. That’s about as much praise as I can give.

Terrible script. Mediocre acting. Aimless and facile direction.

I loathe having to say this, but The Kids Are All Right is time wasted. The kind of fodder that scares old critics into feeling like film is dead.


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