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[Review] Easy A (Gluck, 2010)

I’m disappointed in the critical nonchalance. This picture deserves enthusiasm.

Everyone is talking about Emma Stone’s undeniable brilliance, but that isn’t the only thing driving this movie toward multiple viewings. First of all, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson turn in giddy performances (as usual; Tucci is one of our best in Hollywood) that revel in Royal’s insistent and repetitive script. They are the source of some of Easy A‘s funniest moments. Indeed, it is structured so that the first half is a LOLian misadventure and the second is a more solemn exploration of the truth it is trying to expose. The camera work is commendable, with several exciting tracking shots that swerve in and out of slow and fast motion.

Contempt for faith is becoming old. Films attempting to convert (or more commonly, dissuade) are insufferable. Easy A uses religion, but avoids that trap. The scene where Olive gives confession and no one is there to listen. The overzealous and hypocritical youngsters. Most of this is a nibble or gnaw on the state-of-affairs while still asserting that having values is possible — even in a world like this one.

And here we arrive at the thesis. Does Easy A have one? The final line, “It’s none of your damn business” is quite telling. It’s some kind of a plea for kids to stop living in other people’s worlds. With Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, we all think that our thoughts are Gospel and everyone needs to understand them. Even in movies like Avatar, they inspire the thought that living in a world other than our own might somehow be better. Easy A urges people to be honest, be personable, and get off the computer sometimes. Is the film cruel? A bit. Is the film unsure of its own point? A bit. Is the film worth understanding for yourself? A bit. It is proof that Hollywood can periodically hit the mark, or get an A, by building a foundation of comedy without resorting to crudeness and leading (potentially impressionable) viewers to a valuable idea. I’m not saying that the film is a piece of art rivaling its great-grandmother, The Scarlet Letter, but it is the best adaption and it does relate the fundamental plea for compassion to a generation that (unfortunately) needs to laugh and see gaping cleavage to understand.

Easy A is a successful film. Emma Stone is young and raw, capable of great comedy and asking for the hesitant, sarcastic sympathy my generation responds to. There is a bright, relentless script and a slew of notable supporting performances. It was one of the best surprises in 2010, proof that you can still sprinkle vitamins into cereal like sugar.


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