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Emmy Predictions 2010

Originally published 27 August 2010.


Outstanding Series: Mad Men. Again. With a special WTF?! sticker for “Guy Walks Into An Advertising Agency” where the British gentleman gets his foot chopped off. Breaking Bad deserves this award someday, but season 3 can’t handle Don Draper and his uncanny ability to polish of a decanter.

Lead Actor: Move over Bryan Cranston, Matthew Fox might make you skip a year in your complete domination of this category as Walter White. Jack Shepherd’s death was pretty unforgettable. And Jon Hamm might get this when his writers let him be a little more chromatic.

Lead Actress: January Jones absolutely rocked Betty Draper last year. The late episodes during the divorce were ugly and sad and maybe for the best and maybe not and everything a divorce is. She and her myriad of herbal cigarettes will take this one if Connie Britton doesn’t take an also well deserved nod.

Supporting Actor: I’ve never seen Men of a Certain Age or Damages, so I don’t feel totally qualified here. But both Emerson and O’Quinn had a couple great episodes this year. It’s Aaron Paul, though, that dominated “Half Measures” and will take this one.

Supporting Actress: Absolutely no idea. Random guess, one of the two from The Good Wife.

Outstanding Directing: Jack Bender for the Lost finale. An impossible gig.

Outstanding Writing: Mad Men’s “The Gypsy and the Hobo” was the best hour of television all year. Ridiculously, it was not nominated. That said, “Shut the Door. Have a Seat”‘s win will reaffirm the fact that Matthew Weiner is a freak of serialized fiction nature.


Outstanding Series: Glee

Lead Actor: Steve Carell. The Office was pretty mediocre this year but Michael had real standout moments. Also, Alec Baldwin should be aware by now that he is unbelievably hilarious and doesn’t need any more decoration for Jack Donaghy.

Lead Actress: Amy Poehler was the best this year. What an awesome line-up, though. Whoever wins deserves it.

Supporting Actor: I love you NPH, and you will get Best Guest Actor, but Chris Colfer is busy defining a new type of casting in television.

Supporting Actress: I kind of just want Sofia Vergara and Jane Lynch to have a leg wrestling match for it. Go Sue Sylvester.

Outstanding Directing: It’s a toss-up. Let’s go with 30 Rock’s I Do Do. If not, Allen Coulter earned it as well.

Outstanding Writing: Tina Fey

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